6 Things You Need To For Improving Your Online Business This Year (Top Picks)


Running an online business is not simple.

So what are you planning to achieve this year? If you are a little confused with your goals, we have got your back. In this article, we can show you something related to improving your online business.

If you are looking for something similar, keep reading!

6 Things You Need To Do This Year For Improving Your Online Business!

Below, we are going to share the 6 things you need to do this year for improving your online business. If you have already started any of those, that’s cool! Keep up the excellent work.

Now, let’s move to the list.

1) Get a Better Website Design

website design

Are you using the exact website design for a long time?

If you are, consider updating it. If you check the WordPress themes repository, you can see thousands of free themes there. On the other hand, theme clubs like Elegant Themes, StudioPress, MyThemeShop, CSSIgniter got their own unique premium WordPress themes with more advanced features.

If you need a custom WordPress theme, you need to hire a WordPress developer. They will be able to give you a completely unique design with all features you want. Plus, consider using a user-friendly font on your website.

Your typography matters a lot. So, using a user-friendly font is no more optional. If you are looking for free fonts, check out the Google Fonts official website. They have got so many fonts for you. On the other hand, Typekit is also another alternative you can think of.

2) Integrate Push Notifications

push notification

Just like email marketing, push notifications are becoming famous. No matter you are running a personal website or a business site. You might want to consider integrating push notifications with it. When you are running an online shop, you can send the order updates to your customers through push notifications.

This will help the business admin to get more traffic to the site, generate more conversions. Integrating push notifications are pretty simple. There are so many services, and plugins are available for it.

OneSignal is one popular WordPress plugin available for sending push notifications. If you are not using push notifications on your website yet, change it. You can start using push notifications for absolutely free. And the good thing is, you will not face any reduction in speed and performance.

You can promote your new blog posts automatically through push notifications. Plus, you can also send custom notifications. When you have a new product on your WooCommerce store, this is an excellent way to bring some extra traffic to your WooCommerce store.

3) Build More Backlinks


When it comes to SEO and ranking, backlinks are crucial things you need to build. Gaining more backlinks from authority websites will give you so many benefits. If you are not investing time in backlink creation, you need to start doing it. There are so many online tools, and services are available for generating automated backlinks. But, you do not need to choose them. It will hurt your SEO negatively.

You can get new backlinks by guest posting on other sites or commenting. You can find hundreds of websites that accept guest posts on Google. For example, if you search for fashion blogs that accept guest posts, try searching for fashion + write for us. It will bring all the websites that accept guest posts on the fashion niche.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the blogging niche, search this – blogging + write for us. This way, you can find new link opportunities. Make sure that you have changed your search keyword according to your niche.

4) Choose a Backup Solution

wordpress backups

Are you not generating regular backups of your website?

As you know, WordPress is a popular CMS (Content Management System) in the market. So, hackers will try to gain access to your blog by exploiting core vulnerabilities/ theme file vulnerabilities or going through your outdated WordPress plugins.

We can’t say that we will not get hacked one day. But when your website is hacked, the first thing the bad guy does will be clearing your website data like published posts, pages, custom post types, and so on.

You are investing hours or even days in creating a post and publishing it. And the hacker will clear everything in just a simple mouse click! The best way to protect your data is – creating backups, storing them offshore. If you are not using any WordPress backup plugins yet, you need to start using them now.

So when you have a backup, you can quickly restore it if anything wrong happens to your blog.

There are so many free WordPress backup plugins, and premium backup solutions are available in the market to help you. You can choose any of them. In our case, we will always recommend the BackupBuddy created by iThemes. On the other hand, if you prefer a free version backup plugin, you might want to check out the UpdraftPlus.

5) Start Using Google Analytics

google analytics

Some beginners are not using Google Analytics for tracking their website visitors. Google Analytics is a free service that will help bloggers and business owners check how their website attracts website visitors and how many website visitors they are getting. This can also help you to find the top-performing pages.

If you are not using Google Analytics for tracking your website visitors, you need to start using it. Creating a Google Analytics property and integrating it with your WordPress blog is pretty simple. You can do it without hiring a freelancer or Analytics expert.

Once you have integrated Google Analytics with your blog, you can see how website visitors are using your site. Using it, you can find the poorly performing pages. Hence, updating the content and optimizing it for more conversions will bring more website visitors to the site. This way, you can increase your overall website traffic.

On top of that, Google Analytics is something every WooComemrce store needs. If you need to get a detailed report of your conversions, revenue, you might want to consider enabling the enhanced WooCommerce tracking. This will help you to better understand your business.

For simplifying things, check out MonsterInsights – a freemium WordPress Google Analytics plugin. Another good alternative is ExactMetrics.

6) Create an Email List

email popup

Building an email list is essential.

Studies show that more than 80% of your website visitors will never return after leaving your website. As a business owner, this can hurt your business. The best way to fix this thing is by capturing their email address, sending them quality newsletters. Email marketing is one of the popular ways to increase your ROI (Return of Investment).

You need to start using a WordPress lead generation plugin to capture the leads. And this will bring your business to the next level. Using any email marketing platform like MailChimp/ AWeber/ SendinBlue/ Constant Contact/ ConvertKit or Drip, you can store the email addresses.

Once you have captured your website visitors’ email address, you can use it for promoting your WooCommerce products, custom discount coupons, blog posts, or even send a personal email.

The popular WordPress lead generation plugins are OptinMonster and Bloom by Elegant Themes. Both plugins come with great features and integrations with third-party email marketing services.

We have a step-by-step guide that will tell you how to create an exit-intent popup using OptinMonster. If you need a quick headstart, check out the guide.

So these are the top 6 things you need to do this year. By applying these, you can start improving your online business. WordPress plugin like MonsterInsights is essential for any business site or personal website. We highly recommend it.

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